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Best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers

Waterproof Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers

Mehta Wood Products is one of the most prestigious Waterproof Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers in India. Government-certified, the company provides world-class products that meet the diverse needs of our customers from different industries.

About Our Waterproof Shuttering Plywood

Our Waterproof shuttering plywood is specifically designed for construction purposes. It is particularly used in concrete formwork applications. We manufacture this ply using high-quality hardwood or tropical hardwood veneers. Generally, veneers are bonded together with waterproof glue, such as phenolic resin.

We use high-quality plastic film coating on the plywood that provides a smooth surface with high moisture resistance. Its sleek surface ensures a uniform finish on the concrete, so It provides temporary molds for the concrete. It allows for setting the poured concrete and creating walls, columns, beams, and other structural elements.

Benefits of Our Waterproof Shuttering Plywood

Highly resistant to moisture

Extreme prevention from warping and delamination

Durable construction for multiple uses

Smooth surface finish for easy release of concrete

Maintains structural integrity during concrete curing

Ideal for damp environments

Extremely versatile, our waterproof shuttering plywood forms complex shapes and sizes. Its superior strength and stability support the weight and pressure of the wet concrete. Once the concrete has cured, the plywood can be removed and reused.

Different Types We Deliver

At Mehta Wood Products, we deliver a wide variety of shuttering plywood, each of which defines specific construction needs. Our collection includes film-faced plywood, medium-density overlay (MDO), high-density overlay (HDO) plywood, phenolic-coated plywood, and more.

These different types of products offer durability and smoothness for multiple uses. Plus, they are highly resistant to moisture and chemicals. They can be used for different construction applications, including bridges, tunnels, dams, buildings, and other infrastructure.

Being one of the leading waterproof shuttering plywood manufacturers, we make our plywood using high-quality components. The ply features long-life sustainability and is lightweight, weather resistant, scratch resistant, has an attractive pattern, fine finishing, and has a nonsticking quality to the concrete. Plus, the product consists of several specifications, such as accurate dimensions, balanced construction, less water absorption, diverse size availability, and more.

This waterproof shuttering plywood is comparatively economical compared to standard finished WBP plywood. They can be reused at least 15 times. We also offer customized solutions that meet every client's needs.

Industries And Applications

Our product is used in various industries, including construction, automobiles, manufacturing, and engineering. Extremely compressed, you can use these items for building automobile bodies, platforms, structures for rail coach furnishing, chemical plants, materials meant for general engineering, power generation systems, etc.

Our Manufacturing Excellence

At Mehta Wood Products, we have more than two decades of successful manufacturing expertise. With our innovative approach, we produce a wide range of plywood products tailored to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we utilize high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. One of our quality control departments thoroughly inspects and tests start-to-finish production.

Thus, our product complies with all the regulatory requirements of national and international quality standards. As a result, we deliver only premium products to our customers. If you are searching for the best waterproof shuttering plywood manufacturers, then contact us.


Test Name Requirement Result
DIMENSIONS (a) Length: +6rnm,-Omm
(b) Width: +3mm,-Omm
(c) Thickness: ±5%
(d) Edge Sq: < 0.2%
(e) Edge St : < 0.2%
(f ) Weight : 30,34 kg
(a) Length: 2444mm
(b) Width: 1222mm
(c) Thickness: 12.10 to 12.50mm
(d) Edge Sq: < 0.11%
(e) Edge St : < 0.09%
(f ) Weight : 30kg+,34 kg+
WATER RESISTANCE No Delamination after 72 hr at a temp. 100'c No any Delamination after 150hr at a temp 100'c


Unique Features that make Shuttering ply different

Mirror finish

Each layer is 100% PF resin bonded

Calibrated thickness

No any warping, twisting or cupping

15-20 times repetitions